The new understanding!

We all have points to view this world, yet I feel that there are many voices still left unheard form the lack of true understanding. My knowledge stems only from the desire to seek out the truth and to give back what I have to give. Some say I’m an idiot others think I am brilant; mostly I’m just a human just like everyone else with a gift that has gone unnoticed until today. So I pray that we all can enjoy this as well as my excitement and courioity grows on the start of a old to new vision.  




In every way something out there as something to say something to you after scratching it hoping that in would get the word. I ran into some one I always felt I needed to have a more in depth convention with the gentalmem. So I gave him my number and left it up to him to call me.  


So the deal hear is get into the idea of posting a blog and the daily prompt given so that it keeps your mind going daily challenge accepted. Yet really the word Jangle hum. Jangle to make a metallic high pitch sound. My only guess is that in which are mostly only heard my dogs well any thing with i high pitch to it right So that is the end of that thought and my first random Daily Prompt: Jangle   via Daily Prompt: Jangle

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I’m open yet set to my beliefs which are the core of my soul. I was raised in a Christian church discipline by the Jehovah’s Witnesses yet I was granted to perceive this world as a whole and also in its individual aspects. For I am only human as we all are for we get to choose whom we call upon in our darkest hour. This alone in itself should be counted as our first birth given blessing. For all I have left is a heart that has been given so much and will always give it back out for the love that can only be understood and described as the ocean itself. The deeper you go the more heavier it becomes this is the truth of love that we all should share but only few can carry.