The new understanding!

We all have points to view this world, yet I feel that there are many voices still left unheard form the lack of true understanding. My knowledge stems only from the desire to seek out the truth and to give back what I have to give. Some say I’m an idiot others think I am brilant; mostly I’m just a human just like everyone else with a gift that has gone unnoticed until today. So I pray that we all can enjoy this as well as my excitement and courioity grows on the start of a old to new vision.



239 848 484

Angel Number 239 is a message from your angels that your confidence and self-esteem are being boosted and your faith and trust encouraged by the Ascended Masters and the Universal Energies. Be open to help, support and guidance from the angelic and spiritual realms.

Angel Number 239 encourages you to have faith in yournatural lightworking talents and abilities, and put them to good use. Trust the guidance from the angels in all aspects to do with your Divine life mission and keep up your wonderful lightwork. You are helping others by living as a positive example and shining your love and light on the world. Always choose the path where you can do the most good in the world.

Angel Number 239 also tells you to let go of things that no longer positively serve you.

Angel Number 848 may indicate that an important phase of your life is about to come to an end. Your angels want you to know that as things change in your life they are guiding you towards new opportunities and situations better suited to your needs, desires and Divine soul purpose. These changes may be pertaining to a work/career/income issue or situation. Although financial/material abundance in one’s life makes for comfort and security, do not fall into the traps of greed in pursuit of your goals. Development of wisdom and self-awareness bring rewards beyond the material and physical and are much longer-lasting and soul-fulfilling.

Angel Number 848 suggests that your prosperity is assured when you are open to receiving and accepting the help and guidance from the angels. Accept your blessings withgratitude and remember that the more you have, the more you have to share.

Learn to allow your personal values and principles to be your guide and stand in your own truths. Walk your talk, speak your truths, balance the past, present and future in the here and now, and know your life’s mission. Honour the past as your teacher and the present as your inspiration.

Thank you Joanne Sacred scribe

Angel Number 484 is a message that the hard work and effort you have put towards living your life according to your personal truths and following your intuition has fully aligned you with your life purpose and soul mission, and with this you will reap abundance and plenty to maintain and sustain you as you continue along your path. Trust that the angels are supporting, encouraging and guiding you.

Angel Number 484 is a message to give any fears or concerns about your material aspects to the angels for healing and transmutation and trust that by listening to Divine and angelic guidance and taking positive action will ensure abundance and plenty in your life. You have earned your rewards so be open to receiving and accepting your ‘good’.

Angel Number 484 tells you that working steadily towards your highest goals and aspirations, and using your natural abilities and inner-wisdom for the betterment of yourself and others will see you achieving personal fulfilment and success on all levels.

Angel Number 484 brings encouragement to continue striving forward. Recognize and acknowledge the strengths you possess and learn to rely upon yourself as you have a great well of wisdom, knowledge, resilience and resourcefulness, and you are encouraged to fully utilize them.


What i want to say is that if you can go about your life with positively i know easier said then done believe me i know i have been threw somethings that not everyone has been threw but a lot easier then others whom have seen darker parts of this world but we should always stand together just because one may have a walk in the park life make no different to the fact that they can stand up for you whom have taken the dark side of the back side of the park we walk that side to in sure that the one who had it easy never have to WHY you know why we are stronger but they can be helpful  if they can see into the dark then have seen what you went threw and stand by your side and if they can see and not stand by you then well they are not with you move to another you can save them all but you can find some and vary few in between that are worth the fight you survived from. I feel like i am just going on and on right now so i am going to have to come back to this one and reread it and make changes lol

November 6th

Its been a few months sense you have affected my life. I have waited for this day everyday from the day you disappeared on me. So with out further a due I bed you a none hatred good bye. Good Bye to the physical pain you put me threw Good Bye to the emotional pain you put me threw Good Bye to the confusion Good Bye to ever thinking I was not worthy enough Good Bye to you and your pathetic self. I am not Sorry for you I will never be Sorry again. I am better then you and I know that I am greater then you. I left you alone and God found me a better then you damn Frank is Greater Superior then you. Lets dumb it down even Frank is on leaves you can even see for your mud, blood filled hands are so dirty that cant even touch this kind of royalty. Also Franks Loyalty requirements don’t involve tiring of ones self to please him.  Frank wants a grander women a women to stand above all the she was is and now will be come. He cries if I leave him he catches me if I fall he stands in front of me only when there is danger other wise I stand side by side with him he thinks that I am stronger when really we are equals. He make me smile and laugh he inspires me as much as I do him. He never like to hear negativity. He also says he is sorry for every time I am upset even if I am in the wrong. I always correct him when I am yet he still builds be up and never tears me apart or down. Frank Cowboy is my Cowboy even thou he says “I am no cowboy”

Just a thought

One person’s joke is another’s insult.

In a world full of opinions, where do you draw the line?

Julie Bloomdahl
Julie Bloomdahl at dissing my president

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Carmen Franco-Contreras
Carmen Franco-Contreras I find it best to keep things to myself…and to be a listener..don’t like drama..it’s peaceful that way…except when i don’t like someone😀

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Patty Allen Holtke
Patty Allen Holtke You don’t. You say what the fuck you want and to hell with em

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River Leiallaw
River Leiallaw you dont words are just words its not like god will damn you for what someone else thinks or says to you about you are the other way around ppl need to realize that life isnt what they say about you but more so what you do about what they have said if your going to cry about it do it on your own time other wise have fun with it believe me i have been called the worst and i am be told i am a saint ya right lol either way i am still me at the end of the day with or with out what the world has said or has not said about me lol

I wish it was easy

There are times when one has moments of clarity. Yet, it is in that moment that it was more of a breath taker for you almost possibility have lost yourself or even your life. Lets not forget your vary own Soul. The evil is playing harder games so if your not in this world to win it for yourself then maybe you should really take at look at the truth within yourself and ask yourself who you really truly are for yourself. For you will never be good enough for anyone if your are not good enough for your self. Only speaking on real talk here. I wish I could just tell you how it is and you get the full feeling of being lost then found just to be beaten back to wonderland where your soul itself is having a hard time finding itself. But then what would life be life if life was that easy. Look I am not even sure if anyone is ever going to read this shit or not. What I do know is that one day someone just might and realize for themselves that no they will never alone never the only one and within themselves they too are some one special to themselves. I truly believe that it takes someone outside of your own mind to show you in order for you to see it within yourself. So I prey that everyone gets that eye open moment when God sends someone or someone’s in to wake you up that you can see them for what they where there for. For how ever long or short that each one is there in your life that you thank the good ones just as well as the bad ones for showing you something that you may not know you knew that you where until they did something for you or to you for you to see WHO you are. I almost lost my soul giving love to a man who never should have been loved but it made me love a different way to love another man in a vary unlikely way for him to show me my blogging skills who then showed me that I too am worth the love that I receive for that man that helped me find my way back to me. So thank you November and thank you Steven G. Barr and thank you Frank Cowboy For that bad the great and the amazing things that could have broke me that found me and pushed me to be better at being who you one me as a women of heart faith and strength.


So here it is if god wills it then it so shall be the bottom line is that he may will it but you must put in the leg work to make it as so for yourself he can’t give you a cake and expect it to jump into your belly you must learn to eat it one bit at a time for a cake from god is the size of an elephant